My practice explores ideas of labour, work, and the body; unpicking their effect upon our sense of selfhood and embodiment. My works negotiate the slippages between writing and visual practices—ideas are often instigated as texts and then transposed and expanded into printed matter, moving image, and performance as forms of publishing.

My recent research has focused on the commodification of ‘health & wellbeing’ as new (and expansive) territories of labour—questioning what is a good body, and if there are good bodies, are there also disobedient bodies?  My work to date has focused on the role of language, metaphor, and cultural frameworks within scientific knowledge, specifically, how bio-medicine translates broader cultural and political concerns and anxieties into its own technical narratives which become literally embodied in the ways we understand ourselves and our relationships to one another.

To unravel the origins of metaphorical expression, I frequently engage in archival and/or historical research, looking to older ideas or seemingly ‘obsolete’ knowledges in order to rethink and challenge present assumptions and conceptions.

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